Independence Day

Rebecca:     I was thinking about how important Independence Day is.  How vital to our future and great an event in our heritage.  But when we experienced it in the late 1790s, it was not the holiday and celebration we have today.  For many people it was either a vague event in the near past or a day of reflection.  Asa and I had no flags, or fireworks, or parades & BBQ to attend.  It became our time to be reminded of how far we were from our lives in 2015.  Celebration was limited to being thankful for being alive and well, in the past.

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  1. Don Westerfield says:

    Jeff, just finished reading your book. Good job. Loved it. Impressed by the amount of research you must have done for it. See you at a meeting. Don

  2. author says:

    Thanks, Don!

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